Hi, I’m Lisa and I make all the cards and stationery at Kardelicious.

I live and work in Seaford in East Sussex and have been running Kardelicious for the last 4 years. In that time I’ve met many happy couples from all over the country and have really enjoyed designing their stationery.

Kardelicious started originally as a hobby. I always enjoyed making birthday and Christmas cards for my nearest and dearest, until one day, a friend asked me to make some wedding invitations for her daughter. I was thrilled to have the opportunity! I absolutely loved the process of talking to the excited bride-to-be and listening to the details of the day. I so enjoyed gathering my notes and sketches, working through some ideas and then crafting her stationery, I knew from that moment that designing handmade bespoke stationery was what I wanted to do for the rest of my working career.

I love to meet new people and to talk through their wedding day which helps to give me design ideas for their stationery. Weddings are especially fun as couple are in love and expectant for their future together and I want to give them memorable, beautifully made stationery to compliment their personalities, style and theme.

It has taken time to build the business and for it to grow into what you see today, but I have loved every moment of it.

I have expanded my portfolio into birthday cards, anniversary cards, party invitations, christening invitations and birth announcements plus lots more – anything made from card!

When you create something you can touch, see and feel from sketches and conversation there is no greater feeling of personal satisfaction. The passion I have to create and design is truly from the soul and I hope this is reflected in the stationery I design.

I want to continue to learn, grow and develop my creativity – it is important to me that I continue to expand my creativeness so I can offer you truly memorable stationery. Stationery made with love which absorbs wonderful memories of a fabulous snapshot of your life.